See your company in a whole new light with the CX ViewPrint.

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Seeing your company’s activities as your customers see them is often the critical difference between an “ok” company and a great company. Only with that insight and perspective can you turn your customer experience into a competitive advantage.

Our Customer Experience ViewPrint helps you understand what your customers are experiencing by graphically illustrating (on one epic map, like the one above) every key point of interaction from the customer’s point of view, then providing the recommendations and action items to convert those insights into action.

What You Get

  1. Your own proprietary Customer Experience ViewPrint (like the sample above), which reveals:
    • The customer’s perspective on key points of customer interaction
    • Inconsistencies and irregularities
    • Recommendations for any “fixes” needed
    • Sales and marketing opportunities to better connect with customers
    • Opportunities to create a proprietary, “branded” experience for competitive advantage
    • Process, infrastructure and organizational opportunities
    • Opportunities to collect valuable customer information
    • Opportunities for cost savings and internal efficiencies
  1. Your comprehensive, prioritized Actionable Proprietary Playbook that details:
    • A description of each of your company’s points of interaction
    • Who supports each point of interaction within the company
    • Recommended actions for improvement
    • Potential benefits and value to the organization
    • Level of difficulty to the organization
  1. An Executive Summary Presentation of Lightswitch’s overarching observations, strategic recommendations and “quick wins”.